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.com/">this one. ==Setting the Keys== Once you've downloaded the file, extract it to your documents folder and then start Fetch from your Applications folder, follow the prompts and when you get to the "Registration" window, you should see your server listed in the drop down menu. To add a new server, simply enter in the name of the server and click "Add". Click "Connect" and it should connect to your server and show you a username and password, enter those in and follow the prompts. Now that you've successfully registered and connected to the server, let's set some passwords so you don't have to enter them all the time. In Fetch, click on the menu on the top right hand side, then click on "Preferences". In the "General" tab, type in your account name and your password in the two boxes above "Server" and "Login". If you're working on multiple accounts, just duplicate the boxes and enter the appropriate login and password. After you've finished entering in the passwords, click on the button below "Save to Preferences". Now you can quit and reopen the program and it should show you all the servers that you added. Now that you've finished entering the username and passwords, let's set a custom url so it loads when you click on the app, for instance, if you always type in your root folder before you go into a sub-folder, then click on "Open Root Folder", you can easily go right to the root of the server if you're starting in the same place. To do this, click on the menu on the top right hand side, then click on "Preferences". In the "General" tab, click on the menu in the top left and click on "Go to custom url". If you set your custom url to "www.mywebsite



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GetDataRecoverMyFilesProv5101824IncludingCrackmediafire Latest

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